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how to make deodorant sprayWe all know that antiperspirants work differently than deodorants, but there's another big distinction between the two that you may not be aware of - and it could make all the difference. Awarded a bronze medal at the Geneva Exhibition of Inventions in 2011, and a technical innovation award at the SIAL food exhibition in Paris this past October, the deodorant candy, selling for $5.98 (4.81 euros) a pack on , is already on sale in the United States, Asia and several European counties.

If you are hoping to use something other than tea tree oil or lavender, I would suggest Niaouli or Eucalyptus. In fact, I have far less underarm wetness and odor since washing with the soda water. Such labels shouldn't be a deciding factor when selecting an oil and they do not mean that an essential oil is lesser in value or quality.

Some people melt a bit of beeswax and add it to the homemade deodorant recipe to help it remain solid above 76 degrees. Thanks for posting this, I am currently trying to remove all toxins from my life and was confused what to do about deodorant for a while. Used as a deodorant a single fist sized Tawas Crystal may give up to two years use. In fact, I found that I sweat a lot less after I stopped wearing antiperspirant (which was long before I was a hippie and started making homemade deodorant). I melted the coconut oil a little, because it was definitely easier to mix that way. A couple of notes: I didn't have coconut oil, so I substituted organic shea butter, warmed to liquid on the stove.

You are thinking this is one of those over-the-top blogs about getting all kinds of tubes and scales and measuring tools together along with hard-to-find ingredients so that you can save about $.50 per package over the regular natural" deodorant that you have been buying at the health food store.

So - tonight, I'm adding some vitamin E oil (I snagged this idea from a guy at a farmer's market selling homemade deodorant - he had vitamin E.) I'm thinking because baking soda is an abrasive, maybe that's what's causing the irritation sometime. You can read the review I did of their deodorants here I've been using that specific deodorant for the last year or so and love it! Use your base oil of choice (jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil for example) and the less odorous carrier oils would be best in my opinion. Take your small useless chunks, put them in a spray bottle, add water, and you've got spray-on deodorant!

Add a few drops to your favorite homemade spray cleaners and spritz the mixture on areas that need particular antibacterial attention, like bathrooms and kitchens. You can try limiting the amount you put in - some people use JUST coconut oil, so with the tea tree, clay and arrowroot, you may get good coverage. Jo- You can buy virgin (unrefined) coconut oil in the natural section of most stores. Do not apply any deodorant on skin until the redness and irritation have ceased.

It didn't make sense why I should smell so bad with this, because the orange cream sickle PPP works great for me but I had how to make deodorant spray quit because the baking soda was inflaming my armpits. If you want to make a great stick deodorant, add more cocoa butter (the real, pure, super thick cocoa butter, not the creamy stuff with the additives) to the original recipe. It wasn't this messy every day, but I often found white drips like this in my bathroom after using baking soda and water! Those who had used deodorant at the beginning of the study showed a pattern in which the odor-causing bacteria and the common skin bacteria group Staphylococcaceae swapped. It has been awhile since I made it, so I can't remember what other ingredients I put in it but I remember thinking there wasn't too much else that would possibly do that other than the beeswax.

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